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For long time, Italy is well known for the production and development of PUR perfect binders. The PUR Perfect Binding machines from Purtec Print Finishing are originated in Padua, Italy. PURTEC has developed a patented unique closed PUR glue applying system without any odeur or harmfull vapeur. The self closing PUR head makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy and no needs to waist any PUR glue. There is no need for period replenishment of the glue, complex cleaning or protection of the glue tank.

iPurtec machines are available by a network of selected and qualified dealers worldwide.

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  • A unique anti-static-outfit assists for improved aligning of static-loaded sheets by inosiation. This function is essential for digital printed stocks. The jogging table is equipped with sidewise positioned Air-Jets, linked to an integrated turbine, for sharp air-knife-flow into sides of paper stack. For low or heavy weight substrates of paper the...

  • The PURTEC Print Finishing KB-3500 is a easy to use PUR perfect binder with a unique patented closed PUR spine glue application system and a seperate EVA side glue application. The self closing PUR nozzle prevents any reaction until the glue is applied to the spine of the book. The automated cleanig feature saves many hours of labor for cleaning without...